Victoria Falls Hotel Zimbabwe
Refurbishments have begun at the Victoria Falls Hotel
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Victoria Falls Hotel refurbishment update

Work on the refurbishment has begun and I am pleased to advise after a sight inspection this week, that it has minimum to no impact to guests. The first phase began with the rooms in the Southern Hammerhead which is set at the far side of the hotel. Work will only take place in low occuplancy months and will stop altogether in peak months.  I spoke with the general manager a few days ago and he was enthused about the changes.

The interiors are being modernised in line with the expectations of the modern traveller and the decor will move to an Edwardian influenced style rather than the darker Victorian style prevalent for many years. Room interiors will be finalised in the near future but expect brighter, lighter interiors with touches of botanicals that bring the lush garden into the rooms.

The Edwardian era in the United Kingdom is the period which included the reign of King Edward VII (1901–1910). The "Edwardian era" usually includes some years before and after his reign, up to the First World War. King Edward VII was very different from Queen Victoria and the style of décor and architecture reflected this.

The Victorian era was known for the heaviness, clutter and dark coloured interiors. Edwardian style was a complete change to this and saw the beginning of a deviation from the formal to informal with fresh, light colours and a notable increase in the use of botanicals in interiors. New motifs in tiles and wallpapers included the whiplash motif, flowing lines and stylised flower and foliage patterns.

Room types
Standard rooms will become "Classic" rooms. Deluxe rooms will increase in size and will include a sitting area. A further four Exceutive suites will be added to the inventory and they will feature large comfortable sitting areas, spacious bedrooms and a guest loo. Family rooms will also be included in the portfolio. All new rooms will have spacious walk in showers. The Stable Wing will be unchanged for the foreseable future.

The Victoria Falls Hotel is moving into a new phase that mindfully reflects her 115 year history. We embrace the change.

Author: Natalie Wood. Maplanga Africa